Hill Parking For Automatic Transmission Cars

parking a car on a steep hill, gravity works against you. If proper precautions is not taken , the car could roll downhill, harming  people and properties. basicly, make sure to get the parking gear and turn your the wheels in the proper direction. Turn your wheels toward the curb, for parking downhill, and away from the curb for parking uphill.

@ Parking the car parallel to the curb:
- for parking uphill, make sure a full car's length of space is to left behind your car. this space is needed for backing into the curb.
- for parking on a downhill incline, make sure a full car's length of space is left in front of your car so that the wheels can go forward into its position.

turn your wheels to the side of the road, If the street which you are parking on doesn't have a curb.It does not matter if you are parking on an uphill or downhill incline. the likelihood will increase your car rolls away from the street, If your emergency brake failed.

@ Turning the tires:

- for parking uphill, turn the tires away from the curb.
- for parking downhill, turn them toward the curb. 
- Press on the foot brake then place the car in neutral position, and turn the steering wheel a full turn in the proper direction and make sure to avoid dry steering. 

@ Rolling the car into the curb:

- place the car into neutral gear, keeping your foot on the brake. When you get ready, take off your foot away of the brake. 
- Let the car roll slowly downhill until you feel the front tire is touching the curb then Hit the foot brake to stop the car.
- Make sure that there are not any other car is coming up or down the hill behind you, Check your mirrors and look over your shoulders.

make sure to keep your car's brake maintenance current. check your brakes each time you have your car serviced. A fully applying emergency brake can keep your car from rolling even on the steepest of hills.

finally, Leave the car, Make sure that the car is in park and apply the the emergency brake.