Lesson 2: Car Steering Wheel

car steering wheel is the easiest control of your car, but also driving safety depends on mastering driving techniques. after this lesson you will be able to use car steering wheel techniques as the driving instructor himself.

driving lessons , car steering wheel

proper steering techniques will make your driving experience smoother and will help you avoid collisions. steering your car the right way can help you turn and position in your car in the most convenient way.

in this lesson , imagine holding the steering wheel firmly but also keep it relaxed. gripping the steering wheel too tightly will become uncomfortable and will make you feel more tense , so be cool and let's start the lesson.

steering wheel hand position

driving lessons , steering wheel clock

there tow ways that you should be taught to hold the steering wheel in this lesson. if you imagine a clock , these positions are known as 10:10 and 9:15.
trying to keep both your hand within the top half of the wheel as much as possible..keeping your hands on the top half of the steering wheel is safer as it makes steering easier. your hands don't need to be directly parallel to each other as suggested in the images.
at this position you can safely control the wheel and you are prevented from making any sharp turns, driving safety is the most important.

steering wheel techniques

driving lessons ,safe driving, techniques

when making a turn pull down on the side of the wheel you wish to turn towards and push up with opposite hand. this is called ''pull-push'' steering.

the basic push pull steering technique will be explained by your driving instructor (us) on this driving lesson. throughout the first few lessons however , don't be too concerned in keeping a strict steering technique for the car as priorities should be keeping general good control and observation.as your instructor we will continually prompt you throughout driving lessons to improve your push pull steering technique if applicable.

steer left push-pull steering technique

using either the 10:10 or 9:15 position , grip the wheel with your left hand and loosen your right hand. pull the wheel using your left hand down to the 6 o'clock position and slid your right hand down to meet your left hand.

now grip with the right hand and loosen the left hand.push the steering wheel back up with your right hand to 12 o'clock position , sliding your left hand up to meet the right.

steer right push-pull steering technique

again , using either the 10:10 or 9:15 position , grip the wheel wit your right hand and loosen your left hand. pull the wheel using your right hand down to the 6 o'clock position and slide your left hand down to meet the right hand.

grip with your left hand and loosen your right hand. push the steering wheel back up to the 12 o'clock position with your left hand , sliding the right hand up to meet.

hand over hand technique

driving lessons ,safe driving techniques

to make sharper turns at lower speeds , use hand over hand turning. to do this , perform a push-pull turn but bring your pull hand over your push hand in order to continue moving the wheel in the desired direction.

before you start learning to drive , practice these steering techniques using a diner plate. it takes no time to perfect , but once perfected , it will allow you to concentrate on more important things whilst actually driving such as changing gears and watching the road.

steering at different speeds

the slower the car is traveling , the more you will need to steer the wheel. when performing a move such as the turn in the road for example , you will need to steer to either full left or right lock as quickly as possible.
when you drive on a fast road such as a dual carriageway at 70 mph however , you will need to steer in tiny increments for a significant effect on the direction of the car. this can surprise you as a learner, you should be prepared for this situations.

use steering wheel and turn wherever necessary. most of the cars are equipped with power steering , where you can easily turn the steering to control  the direction of your car. be soft on steering and try to practice these techniques to get control on steering wheel.

in this driving lesson we have learned about car steering , now you should get ready for the most important lesson in the course (driving lesson 3: how to change gears)