?What is Drifting
 Drifting is a driving style in which the throttle is utilized by the driver,brakes, clutch,gear shifting and steering input to keep carefully the car in circumstances of oversteer while  manoeuvring from from turn to turn,Drifters emphasise car control by coordinating the quantity of  counter steer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to change  shift the weight balance of the car back and forth  through the turns.  Furthermore, they  make an effort to achieve this while sticking with the typical racing lines    and and maintaining extreme slip angles.
Many drivers really enjoy the fact that practicing the art of drifting at grassroots events teaches them  how exactly to safely control an automobile at its limit, while some simply benefit from the adrenaline hurry of throwing an automobile around a  a track while completely sideways with smoke billowing from the rear tyres In its simplest sense, drifting translates to pure driving enjoyment and fun
What Do I Need to Start DriftingThis is a problem we get asked a lot, and the answer is a very simple one You will need a rear wheel drive car, preferably with a limited slip differential or a welded differential – these are the only ingredients you need to get started  A car with a manual gearbox and resilient clutch, a functioning handbrake, coil over suspension and a supportive bucket seat will make things much easier again, allowing you to attack the turns with more vigour and confidence.
You can compensate for not having a lot of power by increasing the pressure in the rear tyres. It’s a myth that drift cars need to run poor quality rear tyres in order to drift succesfully – drift cars need as much lateral grip as a regular track car (if not more) in order to attain the huge speeds and massive angles that are often achieved at competition level. However, when you’re learning the basics at a grassroots practice day, cheap and/or part-worn tyres are perfectly suitable for learning the basics.

?Where Should I Learn to Drift
Let me begin by you should never drift on  the general public road
The great thing to do is to employ a location} of tarmac, that you can do at many competition circuits or airfields and construct some cones then make an effort to drift around them.
That method you are safe,| everyone else is safe and there 
shouldn’t be anything close by to hit… whilst drifting is great fun, it’s relatively difficult and you’ll not get it right straight away

Essentially any rear wheel drive car is capable of drifting, especially if it’s fitted with a limited slip or welded differential. However, some cars represent much better value for money than others while having readily available upgrade parts, along with easy access to spares. Starter cars to look for include:
Nissan 200 S13 S14 s15 Silvia (Turbos are better)
Nissan Z33
Corolla Levin
Nissan Silvia
Nissan 180SX
Nisssan Laural
Toyota Supra
Toyota Altezza (Lexus LS200)
Mazda RX7
Mazda RX8
Mazda MX5
Nissan Skyline (ER34’s are easy to convert to RWD)
Toyota Corolla 1.3 GT-s make sure it’s the old RWD model 
BMW – all RWD the e30 & new M3 is fantastic.
Ford Escort Mk1
Ford Sierra
Honda S2000
Honda NSX
Nissan 350
Vauxhall Monaro
Vauxhall Senator

Most American Muscle cars RWD!
Nissan 200SXs/Silvias (S13, S14, S15 etc.)
Nissan Skylines (GTS variants are rear wheel drive)
BMW 3 Series
Toyota Supras
Ford Sierras

Alternatively, it is possible to convert 4WD cars to rear wheel drive simply by locking the centre differential and removing the drive to the front wheels, but bear in mind this will put a lot more stress on components that would normally only be dealing with a fraction of the power.
Rear or four wheel drive with a rear bias
Lots of power is useful
A limited slip differential to keep both rear wheels spinning, rather than just one
The ability to turn off any electronic stability control systems
Cheap rear tyres!
You can't drift properly in a front wheel drive car - you can oversteer temporarily, but it's impossible to sustain a drift correctly without rear or four wheel drive.