Lesson 4: Your First Drive

now , you are ready to start your first actually driving lesson , bring your car on a flat open space to avoid any accident. sometimes anxiety and tension can lead you to unknowingly press the accelerator pedal hard leading car go out of control , so relaaaaax.

put on seat built

in most places in the world , driving without a seat built is illegal. seat belts greatly reduce the possibility of serious injury or death if you happen to get in an accident , for safe driving put the seat belt and remember this is your first drive.

adjust seat

adjust your seat position forward or backward to allow you to press the clutch pedal fully to the floor with your left foot easily.

adjust your mirrors

we will talk about mirrors in details in the next driving lesson.

turn on the engine

put your keys in the ignition , which is usually to the right side of the steering wheel , and turn the engine on. make sure that the gear lever/shift is the neutral position , if not press clutch to the floor and make it neutral position.

place your car into gear

press the clutch pedal to the floor again and move the gear lever/shift to first gear it should be the upper left position , and there should be some kind of visual layout of the gear pattern on top of the gear lever/shift.

finally , the clutch 

now , release the clutch gently. as the clutch and brake are released fully you can see the car moving forward slowly. until you hear the engine speed begin to drop.

while driving it is better to roll down the windows.this helps to better hear the engine sound and adjust the gear changes accordingly. 

repeat this several times until you can instantly recognize the sound. take your foot off the brake and feel the car moving. slowly apply you foot to the gas to accelerate.

accelerator pedal is not required to be pressed to move the car. just a gentle touch will be enough to provide enough acceleration. now you should concentrate looking to the front of the car.accelerate your car. you should accelerate your car to reach the speed limit in your neighborhood. if you are on the highway , you should aware of the speed limit but go with flow of traffic.know that each car has its own acceleration rate.

congratulations , this is your first  drive :) !
practice the first and second gear several times to gain control of the clutch.

quick tips

if you leave clutch pedal instantly , the car will move with a jerk and then engine stops. most of the learner's struggle , but you will leave the clutch pedal smoothly , with following steps in the lesson you will be able to do it smoothly.

to stop the car release the accelerator , apply brake and clutch. always remember that brake is applied accompanied by application of clutch. also , clutch is applied to keep the engine on. if brake is applied fully without applying the clutch , the engine stops.

if all of the cars around you are going much slower than the speed limit due to traffic , drive accordingly to avoid crashing into them.

if all of  the cars around you are driving much faster than the speed limit due to traffic , you don't have to break the law , but you accelerate a bit so you don't slow flow down to much.

remember that driving too slow can be just as dangerous as driving too fast. accelerate your car calmly. don't your foot too hard on the gas or you may go much faster than you intended.

this is the most important driving lesson to proficient. you are now 85% car driver , to be 100% complete the driving course.
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