Lesson 1: Car Controls

you Can Adjust Your Seat Forward And Backward   As Well As Up And Down
Some Cars Will Have Electronic Controls
(Usually On The Left Side Of The Seats)
While Order Cars Will Usually Have A Latch Underneath The Seat That Let's You Control The Position Of The Seat


The Steering System Converts The Rotation Of The Steering Wheel Into A Swivielling Movement Of The Road Wheels In Such A Way That The Steering-Wheel Rim Turns A long Way To Move The Road Wheels A short Way

You can Move Your Car Right OR Left Side By Controlling The Steering

Gear Box

Gear Are Used For Transmitting Power From One Part Of A Machine To Another
IN A Car Gear Transmit Power From The Crankshaft
The Rotating Axle That Takes Power From The Engine )TO The Driveshaft Running Under The Car That Ultimately Powers The Wheels
It Works FOR:
Increase Speed
Increase Force
Change Direction

Foot Pedals And CLutch

in Automatic Car :The Two Foot Pedals Control Acceleration And Braking Respectively
The Rightmost Pedal
(Which Is Usually Smaller Than The Other Pedal)
Is The Acceleration Pedal And Pressing Down On It Speeds The Car Up
The Pedal To The Left
Which Is Usually Larger Than The Acceleration) Pedal)Is The  Brake Pedal And Pressing Down On It Slows The Car Down
EVEN IF You Are Left-Foot Dominant Use Your Right Foot TO Reach Both Pedals .
It Will Feet Weird At First If You're Left -Footed
But Getting Used To It Is Important Because It's Proper Technique And Ultimately Safer Never Use Both Feet At Once To Reach The Pedals Only Use  One Foot -Your Right Foot -To Access Each Pedal
This Will Make It Impossible To Accidentally Press Down On Both Pedals At The Same Time


Your Car Should Have Three Mirrors:One Rearview Mirror Which Allows You To See Directly Behind The Reae Windshield In Back Of You And Two Outside Mirror Which Let You See To Either Side Of  The Car And Protect You From Blind Spots


your Blinkers Are Flashing Orange Lights Or red
Some Cars Have Red Lights As Blinkers On Either Side Of The Car's Rear Next To The Brake Lights
They Are Really Important in Driving They Let Other Cars Know That Your Switching Lanes OR Turning The Blinker Switch IS Located On The Left Side |Of The Steering Wheel
Press It UP TO Turn To Activate Your Right Blinkers OR Press IT Down TO Activate Your Left Blinkers(for turning or switching lanes to the left )