What Should You Do....

!!!......What Should You Do

You Are At Incident Where A Casualty Is Unconscious, Their Breathing Should Be Checked This Should Be DOne For At Least !!!!1
Once The Airway Is Open , Check breathing. listen and feel for breath .Do this by placing your check over their mouth and nose, and look to see if the chest rises . this should be done for up to (10 )second 

You arrive at the scene of a motorcycle crash. the rider is injured when should the helmet be removed!!!2
Do not remove a motorcyclist‘s helmet unless it is essential . remember they may be suffering from shock don not give them anything to eat or drink but do reassure them confidently
At an incident it is important to look after any casualties. when the area is safe ,you should !!3
When the area is safe and there is no danger from other traffic or fire it is better not to move casualties moving them may cause further injury
An Adult Casuaty is not breathing to maintain circulation compressions should be given
what is the correct depth to press!!!4
An adult casualty is not breathing normally to maintain circulation place two hands on the centre of the chest then press down 4 to 5 centimetres at a rate of 100 times per minute
You Have broken down on a two- way road you have a warning triangle it should be displayed !!!5
If you need to display a warning triangle make sure that it can be clearly seen by other road users place it on the same side of the road as the broken down vehicle and away from any obstruction that would make it hard to see
You are going through a tunnel what systems are provided to warn of any incidents collisions or congestion!!!6
Take notice of any instructions give on variable message signs or by tunnel officials
they will warn you of any incidents or congestion ahead and advise you what to do
You arrive at an incident where someone is suffering from severe burns you should !!7
Use a liquid that is clean cold and non-toxic preferably water it is coolness will help take the heat out of burn and relieve the pain keep the wound doused for at leat ten minutes if blisters appear do not attrmpet to burst them as this could lead to infection
You are the first person to arrive at an incident where people are badly injured what will you do!!8
If You are the first to arrive at a crash scene the first concerns are the risk of further collision and fire .ensuring that vechicle engines are switched off will reduce the risk of the fire use haZard warning lights so that other traffic knows there is need for caution make sure the emergency services are contacted do not assume this has already been done
Your vehicle has broken down on an automatic railway level crossing what should you do!!!9
Firstly get yourself and anyone else well away from the crossing if there is a railway phone use that to get instruction from the signal operator the if there is time move the vehicle clear of the crossing
You are in collision with another moving vehicle someone is injured and your vehicle is damaged  what should you do!!10
Try to keep calm and do not rush ensure that you have all the details you leave the scene if possible take picture and note the positions of all the vehicles involved
You engine catches fire what should you do !!11
If your suspect a fire in the engine compartment you should pull up as safely and as quickly as possible do not open the bonnet as this will fuel the fire further get any passengers out of the vehicle and dial  the emergency immediately to contact the fire bridge
You are in a tunnel your vehicle is on fire and you can not drive it what should you do !!12
It is usually better to drive a burning vehicle out of a tunnel if you can not do this pull over and stop at an emergency point if possible switch off the engine use haZard warning lights and leave the vehicle immediately call for help
Which Things You Should do When  A front tyre bursts !!13
Try not to react by applying the brakes harshly this could lead to further loss of steering control indicate your intention to pull up at the side of the road and roll to a stop
You are on a motorway A large box falls onto the road from a lorry the lorry does not not stop What should you do!!14
lorry drivers can be unaware of objects falling from their vehicles if you see something fall onto a motorway look to see if the driver pulls over if they do not stop do not attempt to retrieve it yourself pull on the hard shoulder near an emergency telephone and report the haZard you will be connected to the police or a highways agency control centre