Shifting a 18 Speed Transmission Truck

The 18 speed transmission is powerful, versatile and simple to use, once you get the hang of the pattern and if you're practiced with manual transmissions. it isn't the easiest of transmissions if you're simply starting to learn to drive a tractor trailer.

Versatility is that the best feature of the 18 speed. the driving force will always have the proper gear to stay the truck engine running at the right revolutions per minute to save lots of fuel and facilitate the truck engine last.

shift pattern for an 18 speed :

The 18 speed transmission is arranged  call at an 'H' pattern. the simplest thanks to become familiar with the eighteen speed is to apply shifting in an H pattern.

The driver uses second, third, fourth, and fifth, then splits up into high range. Then, shift the H pattern once more for sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth gear.
After reaching ninth gear, split up to overdrive for the highest gear.
There are many different gears in between, as all main gears have a high range and low range, so the driver will split any of the gears, twice more. 

In that case, they'll be split up or down consequently, matching the RPM'S to the engine's sweet spot.

Drivers who like floating gears should just like the 18 speed, as 12 of the 18 gears available don't need moving the shifter, as they're split gears.

shifting steps:

1# The shift knob has 2 switches that management extra, air-actuated gearing, that magically permits the 5 forward ratios to become 18 completely different speeds. One is that the range switch [A]; the opposite is that the “hi/lo” splitter [B]. along with your index on the vary switch, choose “lo through 4.” Then, with your thumb, set the splitter switch to “lo.”

2# Hold the clutch to the ground to engage the clutch brake, that stops the transmission gears from turning, a necessary feature that permits the shifter to travel into gear while not grinding during this synchro-less transmission. choose “lo” by moving the shifter left and back.

3# release the clutch, and therefore the 11-ton truck shudders to a blistering speed of perhaps one mile per hour.

4# Flip the splitter to “hi,” depress the clutch slightly -making sure not to activate the clutch brake- let it out, and you’re in “lo”.

5#  Switch the splitter back to “lo,” depress the clutch slightly, shift to neutral and let it out, push it back in and move the lever up and right to 1 you’ve simply double-clutched. Let the clutch out. Welcome to one lo.

6# Repeat the switch-flicking/shifting/clutching method of steps four and 5 to go through the pattern to one hi, 2 lo, 2 hi, 3 lo, 3 hi, 4 lo, and 4 hi.

7#  With the splitter switch in “lo,” flip up the vary selector. Double-clutch-shift back to wherever one was before. As a results of flipping the vary switch, that’s currently five (5 lo, to be precise).

8#  Continue the flick-and-shift procedures to maneuver through five hi, 6 lo, 6 hi, 7 lo, 7 hi, 8 lo, and, finally, 8 hi. don’t forget to double-clutch on the manner back off, too.

shifting tips:

*Shifting properly is reasonably like riding a bike. The additional you apply, the higher you will   get at it.
*Just take the time to get to understand what your truck likes. realize wherever the sweet  spots   are.
*Shifting ought to be done slowly and methodically. Feather the clutch and feather the fuel to       assist slide it into gear. 
*Never try and force a gear. it's not necessary. it'll slide in virtually on its own if everything is *lined up right, the speed and also the revolutions per minute and also the shifter. 
*Relax. it isn't one thing to be rushed. Practice, practice, practice.

It might sound somewhat difficult initially, however it's very not. The additional the driver practices, and also the additional experience you gain, you might find that at the gear getting used.