Vehicle's Oil Level: Successfully Checked

You have to check your Vehicle's oil at least once a month for making sure that there is enough oil and it is not contaminated. the purpose of oil is reducing the friction in the engine and keeping it running smoothly. if the oil is dirty or smells of gasoline when checking, you should change it.

# To find out if your vehicle needs oil you should follow these steps:

- get the dip stick Pulled out then wipe it off on a clean free rag.

- make sure that the engine is cold (has been off about ten minutes) before checking the oil. The location of the oil dipstick depends on your vehicle type and model (you can easily find it).

- Insert the stick again into the pipe.

- turn the dipstick around If it gets stuck on the way in. 
get the dipstick pulled out again and look at the film of oil on the end of the stick.

- Note the height of oil film reaches on the dipstick and the oil condition, and add or change the oil as wanted.

- Look for (a screw off cap) which is located on top of the largest part of your engine. It might be blank or it might be labeled as Oil Cap, or something similar. also, it might indicate which amount of oil you need to be used in your Vehicle. Unscrew the cap and add oil as wanted.

- now,  you can Put the dipstick back into the pipe.  Vehicle's Oil Level: Successfully Checked.

note: Oil turns black quickly, but that doesn’t mean that the quality affected. Rub a little between index finger and thumb, and if there is a dirty smudge, it will need to be changed.

If the oil looks clean but only reaches the Add sign on the dipstick, you just have to add more oil. You can buy oil from the service station or you can find it at supermarkets, auto supply, large drugstores, and stores discount stores.